Idaho Septic Solutions has a full line excavation team with leading edge technology and equipment capable of tackling the most complex jobs. Main water lines can be replaced with pipe bursting or using our state of the art directional drilling leaving minimal disturbances. As Boise’s prefered water line repair contractor, you can count on Idaho Septic Solutions to make your life flow smoothly. Complex septic system installations and repairs are also a part of our excavation expertise. Idaho Septic Solutions also installs large and oversized drain fields for new and existing locations.
Water Line Repair
Water lines can get damaged for many reasons. Whether its tree roots, blocked pipes, bellied pipes leaking joints, or corrosion Idaho Septic Solutions can diagnose and repair the water line.
Sewer Line Replacement
No one wants to deal with sewer line problems. When a problem does arise, call Boise’s best sewer line replacement specialists. Idaho Septic Solutions has you covered.
Septic Repair and Installation
Whether you’ve lived in your house for years, bought recently or building, come to the legends at Idaho Septic Solutions for all of your septic system needs. We’ve got you covered with installation, pumping, repair, and maintenance. Our expertly trained, qualified, and licensed specialists along with the industry’s leading-edge equipment and technologies won’t let you down.

Pipe Bursting

Traditionally, replacing old sewer lines could take days and was considerably expensive. Now, with trenchless technology, jobs can take as little as a few hours with absolutely minimal digging.

Pipe bursting is a trenchless technology, meaning there is no need for plumbers to dig up your property. That also means no mess and no collateral damage, ensuring you and your family or employees can carry on with your day with less hassle and no interruptions.

Pipe bursting is a powerful, effective method to replace PVC, clay, cast iron and any other kind of pipe. After an entry point and receiving pit are cleared, a specially-designed tool called an expander head is introduced into the old pipe. It moves through your damaged sewer lines, breaking the original, old pipe into many small pieces. New pipe attached to the back of the head is instantly laid in its place, leaving only perfect, clean-running lines behind.

Trenchless Drilling

In many cases Trenchless Drilling is the only way to install utilities from one point to another without disturbing surface features or risking damage to existing critical infrastructure. Idaho Septic Solutions experts have the capability and the state of the art technology to accomplish such a task.

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At Idaho Septic Solutions, we strive to make sure our Idaho Septic Solutions services are available when you need them, even if that means right away or after business hours. We offer same-day and emergency services to make sure your commercial or residential Idaho Septic Solutions needs are resolved as quickly as possible.